Total Solar Eclipse across the South Pacific, Argentina, and Chile on July 2, 2019

Total Solar Eclipse across the South Pacific, Argentina, and Chile on July 2, 2019

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May 27, 2019

After the Great American Eclipse witnessed on August 21, 2017, the next total solar eclipse will be visible from Chile and Argentina on July 2, 2019. The Moon’s shadow will touch the Earth first at sunrise in the South Pacific, south of Polynesia and east of New Zealand. The path of totality in the South Pacific only touches an uninhabited island of Oeno.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Since the total solar eclipse happens during the Austral winter, the temperatures are predicted to be moderate, with clear skies at high altitudes and low humidity. These predictions will help the eclipse chasers who are planning their trip to Argentina for watching the solar eclipse.

The focus of the eclipse chasers in 2019 will be Argentina, with provinces Buenos Aires, Cordoba, San Juan, San Luis, La Rioja, and Santa Fe located along the path of totality. Because of the landfall near the end of totality path, those viewing the eclipse in Argentina will experience it near sunset, a few minutes after 4 p.m. local time in the south, at about 5:39 p.m. in San Juan, and at about 5:42 p.m. in Buenos Aires province.

The total solar eclipse is longer at sea, with the totality phase reaching a maximum of 4 minutes and 33 seconds. The longest totality duration on land will be seen to the north of San Juan province, reaching 2 minutes and 30 seconds. Those in Buenos Aires province will experience 2 minutes and 5 seconds of totality.

An interesting fact is that the total solar eclipse on July 2, 2019, will end at sunset in the south of Buenos Aires. Argentinians living there or visiting the area will be able to witness the eclipse if a few conditions are met – clear weather, an elevated viewing site, and an obstruction-free horizon. If all of these conditions align, spectators will be met with an unforgettable sight.

Viewing the Solar Eclipse in Argentina

Most of the eclipse chasers in Argentina are choosing land-based sites around San Juan, La Rioja, San Luis, and Mendoza. Higher elevation in these areas makes it more likely for the viewers to reach clear skies. The spectators choosing the land-based options on the eastern side of the Andes get a rare opportunity to create a photogenic composition in which the eclipse will be framed over the mountains.

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