Watching the Rare Total Solar Eclipse

Watching the Rare Total Solar Eclipse

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May 31, 2019

On July 2, 2019, millions of people across Argentina and Chile will witness a total and partial solar eclipse. Totality will be visible in Buenos Aires, Cordoba, San Luis, San Juan, Santa Fe, and La Rioja provinces.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

In the North of Argentina, the viewers will be able to see 75% obstruction of the Sun, and about 50% will be visible in the southernmost parts of the county.

Protect Your Eyes

In order to experience such a rare event safely, everyone across the country, both those within and outside of totality path, will need to purchase specially designed solar eclipse glasses or handheld viewers. Manufacturers of specialized optics across the country release solar filters in order to help people prepare for this opportunity of a lifetime.

With the total solar eclipse in Argentina just a month away, everyone should start planning for viewing it now. It is important to plan where you are going to be on July 2, 2019, depending on whether you would like to witness the total or partial solar eclipse. Moreover, preparing solar eclipse glasses is another part of the task.

ISO Certified

Your solar eclipse glasses or viewers have to be ISO certified to protect you from the harmful infrared and ultraviolet light from the Sun. Since special eclipse glasses and handheld viewers are about 1,000 darker compared to regular sunglasses, they offer the safest way of viewing the partial eclipse.

For about three minutes on July 2, 2019, people across Argentina will stop their tasks and look up at the sky to witness the total eclipse of the Sun. This is an opportunity for organizations to participate in the event and supply the glasses and viewers. Custom-made solar eclipse glasses may be used to promote a brand, using the company logo and color schemes.

Buy Now. The Price Will Increase

As the eclipse date draws near, the cost of the solar eclipse glasses tends to go up or even worse; supplies run out completely. To prevent this from ruining this spectacular event for you and your family, be sure to get your solar glasses early. In the week before the eclipse, the price of the glasses will double or even increase as much as four times. Be prepared and don’t be left out. To avoid the price increase, get your solar eclipse glasses now.

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